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WordPress REST endpoint to accept special characters

WordPress REST endpoint to accept special Issue: unrecognized character in URL

Expected Usage


WordPress register custom REST API

Structuring CSS for HTML Components. Separation of concerns.

Structuing CSS/HTML (Separation of concerns) First, I will divice CSS into categories: Settings

Color Scheme

General (eg. *, body, Scrollbar, etc.)

Rows (or wrapper components)

Layout (or grid components)

Content components A default content-default style Different types of content eg. content-title, content-description

Spacing components

Individual components

WordPress Custom Fields Plugin Snippet

A little snippetto show how customer fields works in WordPress Expected Usage


WordPress Timber Theme Post Page Workflow

A little snippet of how the post/page works on Timber theme You kind of forget how things work if you don’t use it for a while. Here is a little visual snippet for myself.

WordPress Plugin Template

An updated version of the plugin template workflow

A visual note of how this works

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