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WordPress class to update meta key

Expected usage


WordPress template with Timber and advanced custom fields.

Seting up WordPress development environment Git clone my repository git clone –branch bakery Run docker-compose up and wait for 20 seconds. Go to localhost and follow the installation. Install essential wordpress plugins Timber Github Git clone the theme to your themes directory.

Change the folder name. Change the Theme Name from style.css Change […]

WordPress REST endpoint to accept special characters

WordPress REST endpoint to accept special Issue: unrecognized character in URL

Expected Usage


WordPress register custom REST API

WordPress Custom Fields Plugin Snippet

A little snippetto show how customer fields works in WordPress Expected Usage


WordPress Timber Theme Post Page Workflow

A little snippet of how the post/page works on Timber theme You kind of forget how things work if you don’t use it for a while. Here is a little visual snippet for myself.

WordPress Plugin Template

An updated version of the plugin template workflow

A visual note of how this works

PyroCMS to WordPress Migration Tutorial

Exporting PyroCMS data There are 3 things we need from PyroCMS All the posts Files meta data. Files 1. Exporting all posts Go to -> Select your table -> Manage -> Backup Stream Table. Repeat the process until you have selected all tables. 2. Exporting files/images meta data (eg. featured images) Go to […]

Register custom CSS to admin panel in WordPress

How to apply custom CSS in the WordPress admin panel In your theme folder, open functions.php Add the following code:

Reference: admin_head | Hook – Developer WordPress

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