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PyroCMS to WordPress Migration Tutorial


Exporting PyroCMS data

1. Exporting all posts

2. Exporting files/images meta data (eg. featured images)

3. Exporting actual files/images from the server

Import PyroCMS data to WordPress


Each of the following process needs to be executed separately

1. Importing posts

Note: Create a MySQL function to remove HTML entities for your content
Note: Change database database from UTF8 to UTF8 Unicode
At this moment, the imported posts will NOT have featured images

Updating/Fixing guid for all posts

Importing features images

Importing featured images to wp_postmeta as attached file

Importing featured images to wp_postmeta as thumbnail_id

Adding metadata for your attachment

At this point, everything should works fine. However, if you go to Media, your attachment will not show proper meta data.

Upload assets

Contact me for PyroCMS to Wordpres migration service.

PyroCMS to WordPress DB Structure

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