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WordPress class to update meta key

Expected usage


WordPress REST endpoint to accept special characters

WordPress REST endpoint to accept special Issue: unrecognized character in URL

Expected Usage


WordPress register custom REST API

WordPress Custom Fields Plugin Snippet

A little snippetto show how customer fields works in WordPress Expected Usage


WordPress Timber Theme Post Page Workflow

A little snippet of how the post/page works on Timber theme You kind of forget how things work if you don’t use it for a while. Here is a little visual snippet for myself.

WordPress Plugin Template

An updated version of the plugin template workflow

A visual note of how this works

PyroCMS to WordPress Migration Tutorial

Exporting PyroCMS data There are 3 things we need from PyroCMS All the posts Files meta data. Files 1. Exporting all posts Go to -> Select your table -> Manage -> Backup Stream Table. Repeat the process until you have selected all tables. 2. Exporting files/images meta data (eg. featured images) Go to […]

Register custom CSS to admin panel in WordPress

How to apply custom CSS in the WordPress admin panel In your theme folder, open functions.php Add the following code:

Reference: admin_head | Hook – Developer WordPress

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